NSF/ANSI Certifications
NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for Cation Exchange Water Softeners covers residential cation exchange water softeners designed to reduce hardness from public or private water supplies.
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 is recognized as standard for all devices and components dealing with drinking water. NSF/ANSI 61 insures that components used to deliver drinking water are safe and do not contribute contaminants that may cause harm to human health.

To view the NSF/ANSI WQA Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance for products from our manufacturing facilities, click on the plant Location.
The WQA website can be found at:
Several Purolite® products have been certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI-44 Standards: The Current WQA listing of Purolite products approved for NSF/ANSI-44 can be found on their website : Click Here

Purolite® products that have been certified to NSF/ANSI-61 Standards can be also found on the WQA website : Click Here  

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