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Nuclear Grade Anion

Nuclear Grade Anion

Purolite® offers a range of nuclear grade strong base anion (SBA) resins intended to meet a variety of applications needs for purify water within nuclear power operations. These products are intended for use as stand alone resins in separate vessel demineralizer systems or layers in mixed beds such as the filtering top layer on cleanup beds of under lay for condensate or spent fuel demineralizers.  

When choosing anion resins for nuclear applications the lower capacity gel anions are recommended for systems where regeneration is required. Gel anions with higher total capacity will have slower kinetics but greater selectivity therefore higher capacity resins are recommended for polishing where lower ionic leakage and greater tolerance to oxidative environments is required. Macroporous anion resins are used where organics may cause fouling of anions and loss of kinetics such as condensate polishing or radwaste applications.  The high porosity anion resins Purolite NRW5010 is a specialty resin offered only through Purolite and is superior for removing ultra fine colloidal particulate that pass of foul standard filter units.



Product Name Application Ionic Form
Purolite® NRW400 Fossil & nuclear power and semiconductor Industries - Ultra Pure Water   OH- 
Purolite® NRW4000 Separate bed demineralizer anion  OH- 
Purolite® NRW5010 Ultra polishing of fine colloidal particulate from primary coolant and radwaste  OH- 
Purolite® NRW505 Removal of Boric Acid and Radioactive Isotopes  OH- 
Purolite® NRW5050 Higher organics water and boron removal   OH- 
Purolite® NRW5070 High Porosity for the removal of Colloids  OH- 
Purolite® NRW600 Removal of anions from radioactive circuits  OH- 
Purolite® NRW6000 Anion resin vessels or underlay  OH- 
Purolite® NRW700 Nuclear Power Plants  OH- 
Purolite® NRW7000 Anion Underlay  OH- 
Purolite® NRW8000 Extreme polishing applications and underlay for sulfate control  OH- 
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