Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Purolite Life Sciences' solutions range includes:
  • Analytical, preparative and solid-phase synthetic chromatography from the Chromalite® range
  • Enzyme carriers for food applications from Lifetech™ ECR
  • Ready-to use Immobilized Enzymes on Lifetech™ resins - designed for the production of cosmetics, drugs, fine chemicals,  biofuels, food ingredients and other large-scale enzymatic applications 
  • Pharmaceutical-grade APIs or excipients 
  • Agarose resins from the Praesto® range for the separation of monoclonal antibodies and proteins for the biologics market   

Purolite customers benefit from:


Purolite Life Sciences’ customers benefit from our 35 years of heritage, knowledge, customer-focus and expertise in the resin industry, coupled with our proven quality, manufacturing and regulatory experience.


We are a family of engineers and scientists dedicated to listening to the challenges our customers face. Through innovative R&D we meet the needs of tomorrow, before they arrive.


25-year track record of regulatory expertise from our state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected plant.


Continually exceeding quality and consistency is the cornerstone of all our activities.


Through forward-thinking investments we are committed to exceeding demands for outstanding quality and reliability for the biologics industry.    

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